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About US

MYFUN Entertainment is an affordable one stop solution for Nigerian artistes and record labels. The firm was started to help independent musicians and labels expose their music to the world with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper in the industry.
Our wide array of distribution and promotional solutions provide the hands-on tools and actionable insights that allow musicians and industry professionals to reach their goals in an increasingly complex music world. We operate throughout Nigeria and west Africa with Clients from several part of the Globe. In fact, vast number of clients use our services every month. Our goal is to dramatically increase your sales, expose your music to the masses, and greatly enhance your image to the public.


What We Do
For Artiste

MYFUN Entertainment will submit your music or record to thousands of top music resources in your genre including Radio Stations, Satellite and local Tv Channels Online Music Magazines, Directories, Ezines and Blogs. Our ground breaking music promotional plans are sure to provide an artiste or a band all the publicity they need.
Your subscription also gives you automated updates of music licensing opportunities (i.e.) Movies, television and commercials, Ambassadorship also include Managers, Agents Showcases, Clubs, CD Duplication, Music Conferences, Cd Review Publications, Press Releases, Radio, Retail, Distribution Outlets, Studio Finder.
We provide innovative marketing solutions to help musicians compete, cooperate and differentiate in an increasingly noisy music environment. Unlike typical “closed” communities, artistes use MYFUN Entertainment as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole – through social networks, blogs and/or the artiste’s homepage hosted on MYFUN Entertainment

For Promoters

Whether it’s a festival, contest or innovative brand alliance, MYFUN Entertainment can help any promoter find the right talent in any genre in Nigeria to boost participation and grab headlines. Our advanced submission allows promoters to put their opportunity in front of up to hundreds of artistes and easily, review standardized, comprehensive press kits submitted. Take advantage of our Social ground breaking tools that has unparalleled social reach, allowing promoters to rack up social currency while finding the right artiste for each event.

For Labels and Managers

For labels and managers working to promote a roster of artistes across Nigeria in the music realm, MYFUN Entertainment aggregates and simplifies the process. Our tools help get the music out there and get fans spreading the word.

Who We Have Worked With
MYFUN Entertainment founders had worked at Major Labels such as Marvin Records (when it was Mo’hit), Kennis Music and holds good relations with other top Nigerian record labels. They had worked with many big names in The industry, the likes of Olamide, Davido, Runtown, Clarence peters, Dj Jimmy Jatt, Ubi Franklin, Ayo Animashaun, Orezi, Tony Payne, Engees Okoye, EME Crew and many more Nigerian artistes. MYFUN Entertainment is used by artistes and labels big and small and has a proven track record of successfully helping bands gain exposure through radio, press and media outlets.

What You Have To Know
MYFUN Entertainment will save you hundreds of hours and money because we do all the work for you. You can spend time playing music rather than digging around looking for opportunities. If you’ve ever tried sitting down and searching around the net for ways to gain exposure for your music then you probably already have realized that it’s a full time job to promote your music.

Who We Have Worked With
This is a great question and one that gets asked quite often. First of all, you won’t find a single Record label out there that will that sign an unknown artiste or work the the artiste on contract basis. If you know of one, please tell us it would be like finding Big foot 🙂
Artiste with high Publicity have always been and always will be chosen up front. That’s how the industry has been since the days of the plantation boys and mode9, and it continues to work that way in the days Wizkid and Davido. If you’re buying a band’s CDs, listening to their music on the radio, and reading about them in magazines and social networks, someone is paying for promotion, whether it’s the record label, the manager, or the artists themselves. Managers and agents do work on a percentage, but no substantial manager with industry connections will touch a band without a proven track record of interest from radio and press and a strong fan base. So, whether you’re a newly formed band or a seasoned artiste, you need to invest in MYFUN Entertainment a Promotion firm that will get your name and your music out to the right media outlets. In the end, your image, your fan base, and your profit margin will all benefit..

Our Team