Edo Music 2023: Best Edo/Benin Songs & DJ Mixtape Download

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If you are looking for the best Edo music to enjoy, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share with you some of the most popular Edo Benin songs and DJ mixtapes that you can download in MP3 or audio format. Whether you want to listen to traditional or modern Edo music, we have something for you. Here are some of the latest Edo songs that you can download and enjoy. latest edo mixtape mp3 download – – best of bernard o mixtape – – edo music video download

Edo music is a genre of traditional music from the Edo people of southern Nigeria. It is characterized by complex rhythms, melodies and instruments, such as the gong, the flute, the drum and the thumb piano. Edo music is often used for ceremonies, festivals and storytelling. Some of the most popular Edo musicians are Osayomore Joseph, Akaba Man, Sir Victor Uwaifo and Ambassador Osayomore. You can download some of the best Edo/Benin songs and DJ mixtapes from this website. Enjoy the rich and diverse culture of Edo music!

  • Alabevbo by Ambassador Osayomore Joseph
  • Idami by Ambassador Osayomore Joseph
  • Egogo by Ambassador Osayomore Joseph
  • Boboti Boboti by Ambassador Osayomore Joseph
  • Umanague by Drivers Union Dance Band
  • Umanatuomwen by Akobeghian
  • Ota by Akobeghian
  • Okhiowie by Akobeghian
  • Ewemade by Akobeghian
  • Osarhuese by Akobeghian
  • Uwaila by Akobeghian
  • Ese by Ovbioba
  • Ovbimwen by Ovbioba
  • Osaromwinyeke Chorus by Ovbioba
  • Baba Wese by Ovbioba
  • Omonamose by Ovbioba
  • God’s own by Ovbioba
  • No Pain No Gain (Amamieson Amiuwa) by Spice Vision
  • Today Na Today Reggea by Spice Vision
  • Saighele by Spice Vision
  • Oghoghi Selogbe by Spice Vision
  • Today Na Today Azonto by Spice Vision
  • Cant Wait by Black IQ
  • Wave Of My People by Slizzy E
  • Chop Something by Spice Vision
  • Aiwuyo (feat. Maleke & One Touch) by Spice Vision, Maleke, One Touch
  • Ikuima (Our Play) by Spice Vision
  • Ovbigbo by Influence Akaba
  • Sunobu by Hammerboi

These songs represent a variety of genres, including highlife, afrobeat, and traditional Edo music. They are all popular in Edo State, Nigeria, and are known for their catchy rhythms, lively vocals, and lyrics that celebrate Edo culture.

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