Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
How to Get Your Songs Published on Nigerian Music Blogs

If you’re a rookie Nigerian or Afrobeats artist looking to make your mark in the music industry, featuring your songs on popular Nigerian music blogs can be a game-changer.

Music blogs continue to play an important role in contemporary Nigerian music. When digital music was free, and everyone worldwide was downloading MP3s, blogs like broke artists like Wizkid and Davido online.

Back then, blogs were used as a distribution platform to get as many people as possible worldwide to download (for free) and consume music so that songs became popular in different parts of the world… once the song became popular, the artists became popular. They were booked for shows in the parts of the world where that song became popular.

With the presence of multiple successful music streaming apps that monetize streams, such as Apple Music and Spotify, the role of music blogs has shifted. They are now a way to brand yourself as a musician, tell your fanbase a story, and provide an SEO signal of your popularity.

These blogs play a crucial role in promoting music and artists, and we’ll guide you through the steps to get your music noticed.

Why Music Blogs Matter

Music blogs have been instrumental in the rise of many Nigerian artists, including Wizkid and Davido. They used to serve as distribution platforms for free music downloads, helping songs gain popularity across the globe. Today, while music streaming services have changed the landscape, blogs remain essential for artists. Here’s why you should aim to get your music on these platforms:

  1. Exposure: Music blogs are frequented by ardent Naija music fans eager to discover new songs. Being featured on popular blogs can help you reach a broader audience and attract early adopters of good music.
  2. Narrative: Blogs provide a platform for interviews, Q&As, and news about your journey as an artist. This narrative helps build your brand and connect with your fanbase.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having multiple online articles about your music enhances your online presence and credibility. It’s essential for attracting new fans and getting verified on social media platforms.
  4. Referrals: Blogs often include streaming links from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. These links can increase your plays and referrals, ultimately helping you monetize your music.
  5. Social Media Verification: A presence on music editorial websites boosts your chances of getting verified on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What Won’t Work

To stand out among the multitude of emerging Nigerian artists, avoid these ineffective strategies:

  1. Email Blasts: Sending mass emails to blog editors is unlikely to yield results. Bloggers receive numerous emails daily, making it challenging for yours to stand out.
  2. Hooking Blog Editors with Email Titles: While catchy email titles may pique interest, they won’t lead to action if the blogger doesn’t know you or your music.
  3. Overly Persistent Social Media Outreach: Excessive DMs to bloggers can backfire and lead to being ignored or blocked.

What Will Work

Before exploring how to get featured on popular music sites, ensure your music is of high quality. Now, here are strategies that can help you get your music published:

  1. Get Popular: While this is challenging, building a significant fanbase can make blogs more interested in featuring your music. Laycon’s rise to fame after winning Big Brother Nigeria is an example.
  2. Leverage Other Talents: Beyond music, showcase your other talents, such as humour or charisma, on social media. Falz and Teni gained popularity through their engaging online presence.
  3. Sign to a Popular Label or Build Strong Relationships: Signing with a renowned label or developing strong connections with industry insiders can open doors to getting featured on blogs.
  4. Collaborate with Established Artists: Featuring on a song by a well-known artist can boost your credibility and increase the chances of your future releases being covered.
  5. Hire a PR or Marketing Agency: Consider enlisting the services of a PR or marketing agency with good relationships in the industry. While they can’t guarantee coverage, their connections can help your music get noticed.

In conclusion, breaking into the Nigerian music scene and featuring your songs on music blogs may require patience and persistence. Focus on creating outstanding music, building your brand, and forming connections within the industry. Over time, these efforts can help you secure coveted spots on popular Nigerian music blogs.

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