Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Myfunent X DJ Wizkel Best of Cblack VS Toby Shang Mixtape

Myfunent X DJ Wizkel Best of Cblack VS Toby Shang Mixtape

Myfun Entertainment present to you another party vibe mix titled “Best of Cblack VS Toby Shang Mixtape” Hosted by your favorite DJ Wizkel. follow him on IG @djwizkel0. This Mixtape is a compilation of hit jamz from cblack and hypeman toby shang. Enjoy and comment below. Follow Myfun Entertainment on IG @myfunent.

1. Intro – Myfun Entertainment
2. Colorado Ft C Blvck
3. Ninu Awe Ft C Blvck
4. Pump Your Parry Ft C Blvck
5. Secure The  Bag – C Blvck
6. All The Best – C Blvck
7. Available – C Blvck
8. Belinda – C Blvck
9. Ice Ice – C Blvck
10. Lyrical Mafia – C Blvck
11. O Gbona – C Blvck
12. Omo Aunty Mi – C Blvck
13. Paper – C Blvck
14. Pelee – C Blvck
15. Table Shaker – C Blvck
16. Excuse Me Ft Toby Shang
17. Network Ft C Blvck
18. Ewe Ft C Blvck
19. E Choke Ft Toby Shang
20. 2000 Ft Toby Shang
21. 6Ix Figure Ft C Blvck
22. Oje(Trick Trick) Ft C Blvck
23. Dido Lobo Ft C Blvck
24. Owaale Ft C Blvck
25. Rage Riddim Ft Toby Shang
26. Wayward Dance Ft Toby Shang
27. Palliative – Toby Shang
28. Stop Playing – Toby Shang
29. Wtf – Toby Shang
30. Blocking Party – Toby Shang
31. Shangstat Anthem – Toby Shang
32. Who Tf Are You – Toby Shang
33. Run This Town – Toby Shang
34. Update – Toby Shang
35. Fifa Ft C Blvck
36. Outro – Myfun Entertainment

Download & Enjoy Best Of CBlack Vs Toby Shang Mixtape

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