Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Best of Duncan Laurence Songs DJ Mixtape 2024 1

Best of Duncan Laurence Music DJ Mixtape

Duncan Laurence, the talented Dutch singer-songwriter known for his emotional ballads, has captivated audiences with his music, especially his hit song “Arcade.” His journey from Eurovision success to viral TikTok fame showcases his musical prowess and personal storytelling. In 2024, a DJ mixtape featuring the best of Duncan Laurence’s songs would undoubtedly include iconic tracks like “Arcade,” which won Eurovision in 2019, and other heartfelt songs like “Sleeping On The Phone” from his debut album “Small Town Boy.” Duncan’s music, influenced by artists like U2, Adele, and Coldplay, resonates with listeners through its emotional depth and personal connections, making a DJ mixtape of his best songs a captivating and soul-stirring experience for fans in 2024.

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